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Our Farm

Our strong desire to connect our community with local agriculture has lead us to expand our growing space from a single acre in rural Wimauma to an additional three acre farmette right in the heart of suburbia in Riverview, FL.

Farm Store

Opening October 27th, 2016!  The small storefront will be dedicated to providing an outlet for local growers and artisans to bring their goods to market.  And to provide a trusted source for local, clean, food our community.  You will find produce grown on our very own farm along with groceries and goods that honor a homegrown, handmade, sustainable lifestyle.


Farmers Market

We host a seasonal, open air, producer’s only farmer’s market. Held every Thursday 3pm – 7pm beginning October 27th, 2016 – May 25th, 2017.

9903 Carr Rd., Riverview FL 33569

Simpler Suppers

Locally Sourced & Seasonally Inspired Prepared Meals to Go

Here We Grow.

We are underway with our second season.  Our produce is guaranteed to be grown using sustainable methods; free of synthetic inputs and amendments.  We are honored to provide you and your family with locally grown, nutrient rich, clean food.  You can find our produce in season at our Farm Store and in our Local Farm Boxes beginning October 27th, 2016!  9903 Carr Rd., Riverview, FL.

We are currently underway in our second growing season.  Our first season as a traditional CSA farm received more interest than we were able to solely support.  Which is why we are introducing our cooperatively sourced Local Farm Boxes.

Local Farm Box


  • Local Farm Boxes are pre-made weekly or bi-weekly, cooperatively sourced, shares filled with locally grown produce from our farm and our friends farms.
    • No long term commitment required
    • Savings & perks for those making a season long commitment; you’re farmily!
    • Greater diversity due to working cooperatively with other local farms
    • Supports our farm and neighboring local farms
  • Pick up at our farmers market and farm store; Thursday’s 3-7pm.  Beginning October 27th, 2016 – May 25th, 2017.

Local Farm Boxes are NOT:
• Not filled with produce sourced through a distributor.  Everything in our local farm box is traceable back to a local farm or producer.
• Not able to be customized; challenge yourself to eat locally with the season!

*Please keep in mind you will be able to shop directly with the same local farms filling our Local Farm Boxes at our weekly farmers market every Thursday in season (10/27/16 – 5/25/17).  You will also find the vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown on our farm in the Local Farm Boxes at our farm store.*

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“Time is the missing ingredient in our recipes and in our lives.”

                -Michael Pollan